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Reference: 727515

Brand: Re-Flix

Universal remote control suitable for all Telefunken TVs and Vestel Brands built after 2000

The universal remote control for Telefunken and all Vestel TV brands: TYPE: Universal remote control for all Telefunken/Vestel TVs produced after the year 2000. Includes all the functions, both standard and advanced, plus all the keys of the original remote control. Keys are large and soft to the touch COMPATIBLE BRANDS: AMSTRAD • AUTOVOX BLOOM • BLUESKY...

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Universal remote control UCT-033 for Samsung TVs


Universal remote control UCT-043 for Samsung TVs

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This remote control replaces your original remote control 1: 1 with all functions and is a very inexpensive alternative. Suitable i.a. for the following models:

B1930HD B2230HD B2430HD FX2490HD LA26R71B LA32R71B LA32R81B LA37S81B LA40R71B LA40S81B LA46S81B LE19B450 LE19B451 LE19C450 LE20S81B LE22B450 LE22B451 LE22B457 LE22C450 LE22C455 LE22D450 LE22S81B LE23R81B LE23R82B LE26B450 LE26B457 LE26C450 LE26C455 LE26R81B LE26R82B LE26R83B LE26R84B LE26S81B LE32A336J1C LE32A656 LE32A659 LE32A676 LE32A756 LE32A766 LE32B450 LE32B451 LE32B457 LE32B530 LE32B531 LE32B535 LE32B541 LE32B546 LE32B550 LE32B551 LE32B553 LE32B554 LE32B555 LE32B556 LE32B557 LE32B558 LE32B650 LE32B651 LE32B652 LE32B653 LE32B655 LE32B656 LE32B657 LE32B658 LE32C450 LE32C455 LE32D4000 LE32D400E1 LE32D403E LE32R81B LE32S81B LE37A336J1 LE37A615 LE37A616 LE37A626 LE37A656 LE37A659 LE37A676 LE37A686 LE37A696M1W LE37B457 LE37B530 LE37B535 LE37B550 LE37B551 LE37B553 LE37B554 LE37B555 LE37B556 LE37B557 LE37B558 LE37B579 LE37B650 LE37B651 LE37B652 LE37B653 LE37B655 LE37B656 LE37B657 LE37B658 LE37B659 LE37S81B LE40A330J1XXC LE40A567 LE40A615 LE40A616 LE40A626 LE40A656 LE40A659 LE40A676 LE40A686 LE40A696 LE40A786 LE40A789 LE40A796 LE40B530 LE40B531 LE40B535 LE40B541 LE40B546 LE40B550 LE40B551 LE40B553 LE40B554 LE40B555 LE40B557 LE40B558 LE40B579 LE40B620 LE40B625 LE40B650 LE40B651 LE40B652 LE40B653 LE40B655 LE40B656 LE40B657 LE40B658 LE40B679 LE40B750 LE40B755 LE40C457 LE40D503F7 LE40S81B LE46A656 LE46A659 LE46A676 LE46A696 LE46A786 LE46B530 LE46B535 LE46B550 LE46B551 LE46B553 LE46B554 LE46B556 LE46B557 LE46B558 LE46B579 LE46B620 LE46B625 LE46B650 LE46B651 LE46B652 LE46B653 LE46B655 LE46B656 LE46B657 LE46B658 LE46B679 LE46B750 LE46B755 LE46S81B LE52B620 LE52B625 LE52B750 LE52B755 LE55B650 LE55B651 LE55B652 LE55B653 LE55B655 LE55B656 LE55B657LN32C450 LS19PTDSF/EN LS20TDVSUV/EN LS22PTDSF/EN LS24F9DSM/EN LS24PTDSF/EN LS24TDDSUV/EN (T240HD) LS24TDV LS26TDVSUV/EN (T260HD) PS42A416C1C PS42A416C1D PS42A426C1M PS42B450 PS42B451 PS42B455 PS42B456 PS42C430 PS42C435 PS42C450 PS42C62H PS42C91H PS42C92H PS50A416C1C PS50A416C1D PS50A426C1M PS50B430P2W PS50B450 PS50B451 PS50B530 PS50B550 PS50B551 PS50B555 PS50B556 PS50B560 PS50B579 PS50B610 PS50C430 PS50C450 PS50C62H PS50C91H PS50C91H PS50C92H PS51D8000F PS51D8090F PS58B680 PS58B850 PS58B855 PS58B859 PS58B859Y1P PS64D8000F PS64D8090F SYNCMASTER 2033HD SYNCMASTER 2333HD UE32B6000 UE32B6050 UE32B7000 UE32B7020 UE32B7050 UE32B7070 UE32B7090 UE37B6000 UE40B6000 UE40B6050 UE40B7000 UE40B7020 UE40B7050 UE40B7070 UE40B8000 UE40B8050 UE40B8090 UE40D7000L UE40D7005L UE40D7090L UE40D8000Y UE40D8005Y UE40D8090Y UE46B6000 UE46B6050 UE46B7000 UE46B7020 UE46B7050 UE46B7070 UE46B7090 UE46B8000 UE46B8050 UE46B8090 UE46C7700 UE46D7000L UE46D7005L UE46D7090L UE46D8000Y UE46D8005Y UE46D8090Y UE55B7000 UE55B7020 UE55B7050 UE55B7070 UE55B7090 UE55D7000L UE55D7005L UE55D7090L UE55D8000Y UE55D8005Y UE55D8090Y UE60D8000Y UE60D8005Y UE60D8090Y

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