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Reference: 727515

Brand: Re-Flix

Universal remote control suitable for all Telefunken TVs and Vestel Brands built after 2000

The universal remote control for Telefunken and all Vestel TV brands: TYPE: Universal remote control for all Telefunken/Vestel TVs produced after the year 2000. Includes all the functions, both standard and advanced, plus all the keys of the original remote control. Keys are large and soft to the touch COMPATIBLE BRANDS: AMSTRAD • AUTOVOX BLOOM • BLUESKY...

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Universal remote control for LG UCT-030


Replacement remote control for Ihr Ger?t

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Diese Fernbedienung ersetzt Ihre Genuine remote control for 1:1 mit allen Funktionen und ist eine sehr preiswerte Alternative. Geeignet u.a. for folgende Modelle:

105-207J, 105-209A, 105-210A, 105-210E, 105-210F, 105-210G, 105-210J, 105-210M,105-212D, 105-212G, 105-212N, 105-212,P 105-212Q, 105-212R, 105-212Z, 105-214C,105-214G, 105-214L, 105-214P, 105-214S, 105-214V, 105-224F, 105-224P, 105-224Z, 105-229B, 105-229D, 105-229Y, 105-230A, 105-230C, 105-230D, 105-230F, 105-230G,105-230H, 105-230J, 105-230K, 105-230P, 105-230Y,6710900010E, 6710900010F, 6710900010J, 6710900010S, 6710900011N, 6710T00008C, 6710T00008G, 6710T00010F, 6710T00017H, 6710T00017M, 6710T00017Q, 6710V00004D, 6710V00004M, 6710V00007A, 6710V00007B, 6710V00007C, 6710V00007D, 6710V00007E, 6710V00007H, 6710V00007K, 6710V00007M, 6710V00007N, 6710V00007Q, 6710V00007S, 6710V00007T, 6710V00007V, 6710V00007W, 6710V00007Y, 6710V00008A, 6710V00008A, 6710V00008B, 6710V00008C, 6710V00008K, 6710V00008N, 6710V00008T, 6710V00008V, 6710V00008W, 6710V00009A, 6710V00009K, 6710V00009L, 6710V00009N, 6710V00009T, 6710V00017E, 6710V00017F, 6710V00017G, 6710V00017H, 6710V00017M, 6710V00018A, 6710V00018C, 6710V00020C, 6710V00020D, 6710V00020E, 6710V00020F, 6710V00020G, 6710V00020M, 6710V00020T, 6710V00020W, 6710V00020Y, 6710V00026A, 6710V00026C, 6710V00026D, 6710V00026H, 6710V00026J, 6710V00026X, 6710V00026X, 6710V00027J, 6710V00027K, 6710V00028E, 6710V00028G, 6710V00028H, 6710V00028P, 6710V00028R, 6710V00028S, 6710V00028X, 6710V00029B, 6710V00029D, 6710V00029E, 6710V00029F, 6710V00029H, 6710V00029K, 6710V00029L, 6710V00029M, 6710V00029N, 6710V00029P, 6710V00029Q, 6710V00029V, 6710V00029Z, 6710V00032C, 6710V00032G, 6710V00032J, 6710V00032U, 6710V00036V, 6710V00036X, 6710V00036Y, 6710V00036Z, 6710V00037A, 6710V00037B, 6710V00037C, 6710V00037E, 6710V00037F, 6710V00037G, 6710V00037H, 6710V00037S, 6710V00038Y, 6710V00038Z, 6710V00039A, 6710V00039B, 6710V00039C, 6710V00044H, 6710V00044R, 6710V00054E, 6710V00056A, 6710V00056B, 6710V00056C, 6710V00056D, 6710V00061D, 6710V00061G, 6710V00061J, 6710V00061T, 6710V00061Z, 6710V00063A, 6710V00063C, 6710V00063D, 6710V00063E, 6710V00063F, 6710V00063H, 6710V00063J, 6710V00070A, 6710V00070B, 6710V00077S, 6710V00077T, 6710V00077U, 6710V00077V, 6710V00077Z, 6710V00083Q, 6710V00088A, 6710V00088B, 6710V00088S, 6710V00090A, 6710V00090B, 6710V00090D, 6710V00090F, 6710V00090H, 6710V00090L, 6710V00090W, 6710V00091G, 6710V00091X, 6710V00091Z, 6710V00098A, 6710V00109B, 6710V00112D, 6710V00112V, 6710V00124A, 6710V00124B, 6710V00124D, 6710V00124E, 6710V00124G, 6710V00126L, 6710V00126N, 6710V00126Q, 6710V00126R, 6710V00138L, 6710V00138N, 6710V00140F, 6710V00141A, 6710V00141K, 6710V0020N, 6711JB3002G, 6711R1P089A, 6711R1P089B, AKB33871407, AKB33871409, AKB33871410, MKJ32022814, MKJ32022826, MKJ32022830, MKJ32022830, MKJ32022833, MKJ32022835, MKJ35835301, MKJ39170804, MKJ39170805
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