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Reference: 727515

Brand: Re-Flix

Universal remote control suitable for all Telefunken TVs built after 2000

The universal remote control for Telefunken TVs TYPE: Universal remote control for all Telefunken TVs produced after the year 2000. Includes all the functions, both standard and advanced, plus all the keys of the original remote control. Keys are large and soft to the touch WEIGHT: 83 g DIMENSIONS: 20,5 x 4,5 x 2,0 cm BATTERIES: 2 x 1,5V – AAA (not...

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Remote control Re-Flix Superior Light for Grundig A-series


Remote control Re-Flix Superior Light with all functions of your original remote control.

The remote control is already pre-programmed by us on your device before shipping. All you have to do is insert batteries, after which the remote control is functional.

You can also program the remote control yourself, but then you will also need a programming device (see accessories)

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Grundig A-Serie Modell
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Re-Flix Superior Light remote control

The remote control can be pre-programmed by us before shipping to the following Grundig A-series models:

A2102 A2105 A2112 A2205 A2402 A2405 A3372 A3402 A3402/5FR A3402/FR A3402A A3402B A3402FR A3402I17KT A3402IT/KT A3405 A3405I17KT A3405IT A3405IT/KT A3412 A3412/5 A3415 A400 A4402/5FR A4402/5FR/P/S A4402/5FRP/S A4402/96 A440296 A4402FR A4402IT/KT A4402IT7KT A4405 A4405/96 A440596 A4405I17KT A4405IT/KT A5402 A5402/5FR A5402/96 A5402A A5402B A5402IT/KT A5405 A5405/96 A5405A A5405B A5405I17KT A6101 A6400 A6400/96IT A640096IT A6400I17SK A6400IT/SK A6401 A6402/96 A6402FR A6402FRP/S A6402I17SK A6402IT/SK A6403 A6403I17SK A6403IT A6403IT/SK A6407 A6407I17SK A6407IT A6407IT/SK A6410 A6410K17GB A6410KT A6410KT/GB A6412K17GB A6412KT A6412KT/GB A6413 A6413KT/GB A6600 A6602 A6602FR A6603 A6682 A6700/2/3/4 A6700/2/3/4KT A6700/96IT A6702 A6702/96 A6702/96IT A6703 A6704 A6707 A6707KT A6781/96IT A6781KT A6782KT A6783KT A6784 A6784KT A7400 A7400/2FR A7400/2FR/P/S A7400/96IT A7400GB/TT A7400GG7TT A7401 A7401W/KT A7401WKT A7402 A7402/96IT A7402D/FR A7402I17KT A7402W/KT A7402WKT A7403 A7403I17KT A7403IT/KT A7403W/KT A7407 A7407IT/KT A740LV2FR A7410 A7410IT A7411 A7411/2/3FR A7412 A7412IT A7413/FR A7413IT A7600 A7602FR A7602FR-P/S A7683FR A7699 A7699FR A7700/2/3KT A7700/96IT A7701/2/3W/KT A7701/2/3WKT A7701W A7702 A7702/96IT A7702KT A7702W A7703 A7703W A7707 A7707KT A7710/2/3 A7712 A7713 A7799FRMINERVA A7881 A7881/96IT A7881/96S.COL. A7881KT A7882KT A7883KT A7884 A7884KT A7890/96IT A7890KT A7892 A7892KT A7894 A7894KT A7898 A7898KT A7899KT A8100 A8110 A8200 A8212 A8213MINERVA A8400/2/3/FR A8400/2FR/P/S A8400/96 A8400IT/KT/GB A8401W A8402/96IT A8402B A8402FR A8402I17K17GB A8402IT/KT/GB A8402W/KT A8403 A8403I17K17GB A8403IT/KT/GB A8403W A8406 A8407 A8410 A8410/96 A8410117KB A8410IT/KB A8412 A8412MINERVA A8413 A8413MINERVA A8420 A8420/2/3KT A8420KT A8423 A8472FR A8502/W A8504/W A8504W A8600 A8602 A8602/W A8602FR A8604/W A8613 A8614W A8672FR A8683FR A8800 A8800K17SK A8800KT/SK A8801/W A8801W/96IT A8801W/IT/KT A8801WI17KT A8802 A8802KT/SK A8802W/96IT A8802W/IT/KT A8802WI17KT A8803 A8803K17SK A8803KT/SK A8803W/IT/KT A8807 A8807K17SK A8807KT/SK A8810 A8810KT A8812 A8812KT A8813KT A8820 A8820KT A8822 A8823KT A8830 A8830KT A8832 A8833 A8833KT A8872/96IT A8872IT/KT A8874IT/KT A8881KT/SK A8882KT/SK A8883 A8883FR A8883KT/SK A8884 A8884KT/SK A8890 A8890/96IT A8890KT A8890LUX/KT A8890LUXKT A8890LUXORKT A8892 A8892KT A8892LUX/KT A8892LUXKT A8894 A8894KT A8898KT A8898LUX/KT A8899KT A8899LUX/KT A8899LUXKT A8902 A8902VC A8902W A8902W/96IT A8904 A8904W A9994KT A9999

WEIGHT: 89 g

DIMENSIONS: 21,0 x 4,7 x 2,0 cm

BATTERIES: 2 x 1,5V – AAA (not included)

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