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Reference: 727515

Brand: Re-Flix

Universal remote control suitable for all Telefunken TVs built after 2000

The universal remote control for Telefunken TVs TYPE: Universal remote control for all Telefunken TVs produced after the year 2000. Includes all the functions, both standard and advanced, plus all the keys of the original remote control. Keys are large and soft to the touch WEIGHT: 83 g DIMENSIONS: 20,5 x 4,5 x 2,0 cm BATTERIES: 2 x 1,5V – AAA (not...

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Remote control Re-Flix Superior Light for Grundig M-series


Remote control Re-Flix Superior Light with all functions of your original remote control.

The remote control is already pre-programmed by us on your device before shipping. All you have to do is insert batteries, after which the remote control is functional.

You can also program the remote control yourself, but then you will also need a programming device (see accessories)

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Grundig M-Serie Modell
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Re-Flix Superior Light remote control

The remote control can be pre-programmed by us before shipping to the following Grundig M-series models:

M.SYSTEMM190 M.SYSTEMM66 M190M.SYSTEM M4026 M4041 M4041CTIMINERVA M45775T0P M45775TDP M50775TDP M55-355 M55-355/9 M55-355A M55-355ACTI M55-355CTI M55-420/9 M55-575A M55-685 M55-775-8T0P M55-800/8LOG M55-911NIC M55-911NICFTGB M55-991 M55290/8A M55355A M55575A M5V000 M61-1690DPL M61-1690LOG M611690 M611690TDPLOGBLAU M611690TDPLOGGRUEN M63-160 M63-370 M63-370/9 M63-370EURO M63-375 M63-375/9 M63-375EURO M63-400/8 M63-430 M63-470 M63-470CTI M63-475 M63-475/9 M63-575/9 M63-5758L M63-5759B6T M63-575BL/NIC M63-575NIC M63-670-9TDP M63270EURO M63370EURO M63375/9 M63375EURO M63575NIC M6365 M6375 M6375MINERVA M63775 M637769TDP M66-190/99M. M66-190M.SYSTEM M66-M.SYSTEM M66-S.COL. M66190 M66190/99M M66190799M M70-100/8 M70-100HDQ M70-1690DPL M70-190 M70-190FR M70-3110ELEGANCE70 M70-375CTI M70-390 M70-390/7 M70-390/9 M70-390/90 M70-390/9FM M70-390EURO M70-395 M70-395/9 M70-395/9FM M70-395EURO M70-396 M70-396CT1/PCGRAZ M70-396CTI/PC M70-396GRAZ M70-490 M70-490/9 M70-490/9S M70-490/9ST/T M70-495/9 M70-495/90S M70-495/9S M70-575/90 M70-580 M70-590NIC M70-680T-EUP.O M70-691IT M70100 M70195 M70195MONOLITH M702699REFERENCE M70270 M70290/9 M702902 M70390/9 M70390/90 M70390/9F M70390EURO M70396CTIPCGRAZ M70490 M70495/9 M70495/9S M70546 M705909 M70695 M706959TDP M70695TDP M70781 M70791 M72-100 M72-100/8 M72-100/8A M72-100A M72-105 M72-105/9 M72-109VNM M72-110 M72-115 M72-400/8 M72-410 M72-410/9 M72-410/9REF M72-410REF M72-6997N M82-102IDTB M82-1690/9LOG M82-169A/PAL/PLUS M82-169AP.PLUS M82-169APALPLUS M82-169PAL/PLUS M82-395/9 M82-495 M82-495/9 M82-496 M82-496/9 M82-50/8 M82101IDTWIT M822699REFERENCEANTRA2ITS0FT M82496 M82496/9 M82775 M84210/8 M92-495-9 M92169/9 M921690/9TDP/LOG M92269PALPLUS/L0G M92395 M92395/9 M92495 M92495/9 M92495/9M M92795TDP M95-105/9 M95-169/92 M95-390/9 M95-410/90REF M95-411/9LOG M95-411/9REF M95-419 M95-440M M95-490 M95-490/9 M95-95411/9 M95100 M95101 M95102 M95105/9 M95169/92 M95390/9 M95410/9 M95440M M95490/9 M95575 M9595411/9

WEIGHT: 89 g

DIMENSIONS: 21,0 x 4,7 x 2,0 cm

BATTERIES: 2 x 1,5V – AAA (not included)

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