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Reference: 727515

Brand: Re-Flix

Universal remote control suitable for all Telefunken TVs built after 2000

The universal remote control for Telefunken TVs TYPE: Universal remote control for all Telefunken TVs produced after the year 2000. Includes all the functions, both standard and advanced, plus all the keys of the original remote control. Keys are large and soft to the touch WEIGHT: 83 g DIMENSIONS: 20,5 x 4,5 x 2,0 cm BATTERIES: 2 x 1,5V – AAA (not...

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Remote control Re-Flix Superior Light for LG Type A


Remote control Re-Flix Superior Light with all functions of your original remote control.

The remote control is already pre-programmed by us on your device before shipping. All you have to do is insert batteries, after which the remote control is functional.

You can also program the remote control yourself, but then you will also need a programming device (see accessories)

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LG Typ A
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Re-Flix Superior Light remote control

The remote control can be pre-programmed by us before shipping to the following LG Type A models:

104-523B 105-018A 105-037B 105-037D 105-042A 105-042E 105-042F 105-042G 105-042H 105-042R 105-042U 105-044G 105-045A 105-045D 105-045G 105-045H 105-045J 105-045N 105-045V 105-045Y 105-053A 105-057E 105-057H 105-057M 105-057N 105-063K 105-063M 105-067C 105-067G 105-068A 105-068E 105-068G 105-068J 105-068K 105-068M 105-068R 105-068V 105-068Z 105-077A 105-079R 105-088B 105-088V 105-120C 105-185A 105-188J 105-188M 105-188N 105-188P 105-188S 105-198C 105-198H 105-198Y 105-520A 105-520B 105-520D 105-520H 105-520J 105-520L 105-520V 105-523A 105-523B 105-523C 105-523E 105-523G 105-523H 105-523J 105-523M 105188Z 105212C 105229H 105230C 106-068R 11GA061AP 124CB 137LG5010-ZD 14A80 151-184B 155LG0024GB 15EL9500 15J3RX 15LA32 15LC1 15LC1R 15LS1R 15SR9331000 17LS4R 17LS5R 19LD300 19LD3000 19LD320 19LD350 19LD358 19LD359 19LE3000 19LE3300 19LE3308 19LE3309 19LE330N 19LE3310 19LG3000 19LG3010 19LG3050 19LG3100 19LH2000 19LH2001C 19LH201 19LH2010 19LH201C 19LH2020 19LH250C 19LS3500 19LS4D 19LS4R 19LU4000 19LU4010 19LU5000 19LU5010 19LU5020 19LU7000 19LV2500 19LV250A 19LV250U 19MN43D 1GA06AP 1GVZ5537/37 20A90Y 20CC40MX 20F84X 20HIZ11 20HIZ12 20HIZ20 20J3RX 20LA30 20LA90 20LC1 20LC1R 20LS1R 20LS2R 20LS3R 20LS5R 21CC30RX 21CC40M 21FA7 21FB3RLX 21FB50RX 21FB5RLX 21FB5RX 21FS2BLX 21FS2RLX 21FU1RG 21FU1RK 21FU1RLX 21FX-4AGE 21LF580V 21LZ50 21M66 21Q61ET 21T1 22LD300 22LD3000 22LD320 22LD350 22LD355 22LD358 22LD359 22LE3000 22LE3300 22LE3308 22LE330N 22LE3310 22LE5000 22LE5500 22LE5508 22LE55080 22LE550N 22LE5518 22LG3000 22LG300C 22LG3050 22LG3060 22LG3100 22LH2000 22LH2001C 22LH201 22LH2010 22LH2020 22LH250C 22LK330 22LK335C 22LS3500 22LS3590 22LS4D 22LS4R 22LS5400 22LT360C 22LU4000 22LU4010 22LU5000 22LU5010 22LU5020 22LU7000 22LV2500 22LV250A 22LV250U 22LV2520 22LV2530 22LV2620 22LV5500 22LV550A 22LV550N 22LV550U 22LV5510 22LY340C 22MA33 22MA53D 22MN43D-PR 22MT44D 22MT45 22MT47DCPZ 22MT48DF 22MT49D 22MT49VF 22TK410V-P2 23HIZ10 23HIZ11 23LC1R 23LS2R 23LZ20 23MT55D 23NC1R 24LB450U 24LH23UR 24LT662VBZB 24LV761H 24LW341C 24MN33D 24MS53V 24MT45D 24MT47D 24MT48DFPZ 24MT49S 24MT49VF 24MT55V 24MT57S-BZ 24TK410V 24TL510S 24TL520S 24TN510S-WZ 25T1 261X41 26CS460 26HIZ10 26HIZ20 26LB7 26LB75 26LB76 26LC2 26LC2D 26LC3RZJ 26LC4 26LC41 26LC42 26LC45 26LC46 26LC5 26LC51 26LC55 26LC7D 26LC7RZA 26LD300 26LD3000 26LD320 26LD325 26LD350 26LD358 26LD359 26LE3000 26LE3300 26LE3308 26LE330N 26LE5000 26LE5500 26LE5508 26LE550N 26LE5510 26LE5518 26LG3000 26LG300C 26LG3100 26LG4000 26LH2000 26LH2001C 26LH200C 26LH201 26LH2010 26LH201C 26LH2020 26LH210C

WEIGHT: 89 g

DIMENSIONS: 21,0 x 4,7 x 2,0 cm

BATTERIES: 2 x 1,5V – AAA (not included)

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