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Reference: 727515

Brand: Re-Flix

Universal remote control suitable for all Telefunken TVs built after 2000

The universal remote control for Telefunken TVs TYPE: Universal remote control for all Telefunken TVs produced after the year 2000. Includes all the functions, both standard and advanced, plus all the keys of the original remote control. Keys are large and soft to the touch WEIGHT: 83 g DIMENSIONS: 20,5 x 4,5 x 2,0 cm BATTERIES: 2 x 1,5V – AAA (not...

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Remote control Re-Flix Superior Light for Sharp TV Type B


Remote control Re-Flix Superior Light with all functions of your original remote control.

The remote control is already pre-programmed by us on your device before shipping. All you have to do is insert batteries, after which the remote control is functional.

You can also program the remote control yourself, but then you will also need a programming device (see accessories)

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Sharp Typ B
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Re-Flix Superior Light remote control

The remote control can be pre-programmed by us before shipping to the following Sharp TV Type B models:

LC-32L400M LC-32LB220E LC-32LD135E LC-32LD145E LC-32LD145V LC-32LD164E LC-32LE140E LC-32LE144E LC-32LE154E LC-32LE154V LC-32LE210E LC-32LE220E LC-32LE225E LC-32LE230E LC-32LE240E LC-32LE244E LC-32LE320E LC-32LE340E LC-32LE343E LC-32LE350E-BK LC-32LE361EN-BK LC-32LE40E LC-32LE430E LC-32LE510E LC-32LE530E LC-32LE542E LC-32LE600E LC-32LE600RU LC-32LE630E LC-32LE632 LC-32LE635 LC-32LE638 LC-32LE700E LC-32LE700S LC-32LE705E LC-32LE705S LC-32LE730 LC-32LE843E LC-32LS140E LC-32LS220E LC-32LS240E LC-32LU700E LC-32LU700S LC-32LU705E LC-32LU705S LC-32LX700E LC-32LX705E LC-32M400-MBK LC-32P50E LC-32P55E LC-32P70E LC-32PD5X LC-32PS50E LC-32RA1 LC-32RA1E LC-32RA1RU LC-32RD1E LC-32RD1E-2 LC-32RD1RU LC-32RD1RU-2 LC-32RD2E LC-32RD2S LC-32RD8E LC-32RD8S LC-32S7E LC-32SA1E LC-32SA1RU LC-32SA1RUA LC-32SB25 LC-32SB25E LC-32SB25S LC-32SD1E LC-32SH130E LC-32SH25 LC-32SH25E LC-32SH330E LC-32SH7E LC-32ST1E LC-32SV-1E LC-32SV1E LC-32WD1E LC-32WD1RU LC-32WD1S LC-32WT1E LC-32X20E LC-32X20RU LC-32X20S LC-32X8E LC-32XL8E LC-32XL8RU LC-32XL8S LC-36L400M LC-37AD1E LC-37AD1TOP LC-37AD5E LC-37AD5S LC-37AX3X LC-37B20E LC-37B20S LC-37BD6X LC-37BG1E LC-37BT8 LC-37BT8E LC-37BV8E LC-37D33X LC-37D44EBK LC-37D44S LC-37D653E LC-37D654E LC-37D65E LC-37D65RU LC-37DH65E LC-37DH65S LC-37DH66E LC-37G20 LC-37G20E LC-37G20S LC-37GA3E LC-37GA3H LC-37GA4E LC-37GA5E LC-37GA6E LC-37GA6F LC-37GA6IKRU LC-37GA8E LC-37GA8RU LC-37GA9E LC-37GA9F LC-37GD1E LC-37GD7E LC-37GD8 LC-37GD8E LC-37GD9E LC-37GD9RU LC-37GE1E LC-37HV4E LC-37L400M LC-37LE320E LC-37LE343E LC-37P50E LC-37P55E LC-37P70E LC-37PD5X LC-37RA1E LC-37RD1E LC-37RD2E LC-37RD2S LC-37SA1E LC-37SD1E LC-37SV-1E LC-37SV-1RU LC-37SV1E LC-37WD1E LC-37WD1S LC-37WT1E LC-37X20E LC-37X20RU LC-37X20S LC-37XD10E LC-37XD10RU LC-37XD1E LC-37XD1RU LC-37XL8E LC-37XL8RU LC-37XL8S LC-39LD145E LC-39LE350E-BK LC-39LE350E-WH LC-39LE440M LC-39LE650E/V LC-39LE651E/K/V LC-39LE652E/V LC-39LE654E/V LC-39LE750E/V LC-39LE751E/K/V LC-39LE752E/V LC-39LE754E/V LC-39LK652E LC-39LK752E LC-39LM652E/V LC-39LM752E/V LC-39LU651E LC-39LU751E LC-39LX652E LC-39LX752E LC-40BL2EA LC-40BL3EA LC-40BL4EA LC-40BL5EA LC-40CSE5100E LC-40DH77E LC-40E700E LC-40FG3242E LC-40FG3342E LC-40FG5242E LC-40FG5342E LC-40FI3222E LC-40FI5122E LC-40FI5342E LC-40FI5442E LC-40L400M LC-40L540E LC-40LD270E LC-40LE240E LC-40LE244E LC-40LE343 LC-40LE361EN LC-40LE510E LC-40LE512E LC-40LE514E LC-40LE520E LC-40LE522E LC-40LE524E LC-40LE530E LC-40LE531E LC-40LE531S LC-40LE542E LC-40LE600E LC-40LE600S LC-40LE630E LC-40LE632 LC-40LE635 LC-40LE638 LC-40LE700E LC-40LE700S LC-40LE705 LC-40LE705E LC-40LE705S LC-40LE730E LC-40LE731E LC-40LE732E LC-40LE810 LC-40LE810E LC-40LE811E LC-40LE812E LC-40LE814E LC-40LE820E LC-40LE821E LC-40LE822E LC-40LE824E LC-40LE824RU LC-40LE830E LC-40LE830RU LC-40LE830U LC-40LE831E LC-40LE831S LC-40LE833E LC-40LE843E LC-40LE924E LC-40LE924RU LC-40LS240E LC-40LU520E LC-40LU522E LC-40LU524E LC-40LU524RU LC-40LU630E LC-40LU700E LC-40LU705E LC-40LU705S LC-40LU820E LC-40LU822E LC-40LU824E LC-40LU824RU LC-40LX510E LC-40LX512E LC-40LX514E LC-40LX630E LC-40LX700E LC-40LX705E LC-40LX810E LC-40LX812E LC-40LX814E LC-40SH340E LC-40UG7252E LC-40UI7252E LC-40UI7352E LC-40UI7452E LC-40UI7552E LC-42AD5E LC-42AD5E-BK LC-42AD5RU LC-42AD5S LC-42B20 LC-42B20E LC-42B20S LC-42BG1E LC-42D63X LC-42D77X LC-42D83X LC-42D85X LC-42DH77E LC-42DH77RU LC-42DH77S LC-42DH77V LC-42DV510E LC-42G20 LC-42G20E LC-42G20S LC-42L400M LC-42LD265 LC-42LD265E LC-42LE220E LC-42LE230E LC-42LE240E LC-42LE244E LC-42LE320E LC-42LE343E LC-42LE40E LC-42LE530E LC-42LE756EN LC-42LE758EN

WEIGHT: 89 g

DIMENSIONS: 21,0 x 4,7 x 2,0 cm

BATTERIES: 2 x 1,5V – AAA (not included)

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