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Reference: 727515

Brand: Re-Flix

Universal remote control suitable for all Telefunken TVs built after 2000

The universal remote control for Telefunken TVs TYPE: Universal remote control for all Telefunken TVs produced after the year 2000. Includes all the functions, both standard and advanced, plus all the keys of the original remote control. Keys are large and soft to the touch WEIGHT: 83 g DIMENSIONS: 20,5 x 4,5 x 2,0 cm BATTERIES: 2 x 1,5V – AAA (not...

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Replacement remote control GB004WJSA for Sharp TV


Replacement remote control GB004WJSA for Sharp TV

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This remote control replaces your original remote control 1: 1 with all functions and is a very inexpensive alternative. Suitable i.a. for the following models:

2T-C42BG1X 2T-C50BG1X 4T-50AL1X 4T-C60CK1X BD-AMS20 BDAMS20 GA480WJSB GA806WJSA GA840WJSA GA890WJSA GA935WJSA GB004WJSA GB005WJSA GB105WJSA GB118WJSA GB179WJSA GB209WJSA GB238WJSA GB326WJSA GJ221-C GJ221-R LC-40LE810E LC-40LE812E LC-40LE812ERU LC-40LU820E LC-40LU822E LC-40LX810E LC-40LX812E LC-40LX812ERU LC-42LE540 LC-42LE540U LC-46LE540 LC-46LE540U LC-46LE810E LC-46LE812E LC-46LE812ERU LC-46LE820E LC-46LE822E LC-46LE822ERU LC-46LU820E LC-46LU822E LC-46LX810E LC-46LX812E LC-46LX812ERU LC-52C6400U LC-52LE640U LC-52LE820E LC-52LE822E LC-52LE822ERU LC-60C6400U LC-60C7450U LC-60C8470U LC-60LE640U LC-60LE650M LC-60LE655U LC-60LE657U LC-60LE745U LC-60LE755U LC-60LE757U LC-60LE822E LC-60LE845U LC-60LE847U LC-60LE857U LC-60UA6800X LC-70C6400U LC-70C7450U LC-70C8470U LC-70LE640U LC-70LE652U LC-70LE655U LC-70LE657U LC-70LE745U LC-70LE755U LC-70LE757U LC-70LE845U LC-70LE847U LC-70LE857U LC-70UD1U LC-80LE632U LC-80LE633U LC-80LE657U LC-80LE757U LC-80LE844U LC-80LE844UB LC-80LE857U LC-90LE657U LC-90LE745U LC17360C6500 LC17360LE640 LC17370C6500 LC17370LE650 LC17380LE633 LC40LE810E LC40LE812E LC40LE820E LC40LE822E LC40LE822ERU LC40LE830U LC40LE830UA LC40LE830UB LC40LE832U LC40LE832UB LC40LE835 LC40LE835U LC40LU820E LC40LU822E LC40LX810E LC40LX812E LC42LE540U LC46LE540U LC46LE810E LC46LE812E LC46LE820E LC46LE822E LC46LE830U LC46LE830UB LC46LE830UC LC46LE832U LC46LE832UB LC46LE832UC LC46LE835 LC46LE835U LC46LU820E LC46LU822E LC46LX810E LC52C6400 LC52C6400U LC52LE640 LC52LE640U LC52LE820E LC52LE822E LC52LE830U LC52LE832U LC52LE835 LC52LE835U LC60LE857U LC60C6400 LC60C6400U LC60C6400UA LC60C6500 LC60C6500U LC60C7450U LC60C7500 LC60C7500U LC60C8470U LC60LE550 LC60LE550U LC60LE632U LC60LE633U LC60LE640 LC60LE640UA LC60LE640UB LC60LE640UC LC60LE640UD LC60LE650 LC60LE650U LC60LE655U LC60LE655U LC60LE657U LC60LE657U LC60LE745 LC60LE745U LC60LE750U LC60LE755U LC60LE755U LC60LE757U LC60LE822E LC60LE830U LC60LE831U LC60LE832U LC60LE832UB LC60LE835 LC60LE835U LC60LE845 LC60LE845U LC60LE847U LC70C6400 LC70C6400U LC70C6400U LC70C6500 LC70C6500U LC70C7450U LC70C7500 LC70C7500U LC70C8470U LC70LE 655U LC70LE632U LC70LE633U LC70LE640 LC70LE640U LC70LE650 LC70LE650U LC70LE655U LC70LE657U LC70LE657U LC70LE732U LC70LE733U LC70LE734U LC70LE735U LC70LE745U LC70LE750 LC70LE750U LC70LE755U LC70LE757U LC70LE845U LC70LE8470U LC70LE847U LC70LE857U LC70UD1U LC80 LE650U LC80C6500 LC80C6500U LC80LE632U LC80LE633U LC80LE633U LC80LE633UB LC80LE642 LC80LE642U LC80LE650 LC80LE657U LC80LE657U LC80LE757U LC80LE844U LC80LE844UB LC80LE857U LC90LE657U LC90LE745U

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