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Reference: 727515

Brand: Re-Flix

Universal remote control suitable for all Telefunken TVs built after 2000

The universal remote control for Telefunken TVs TYPE: Universal remote control for all Telefunken TVs produced after the year 2000. Includes all the functions, both standard and advanced, plus all the keys of the original remote control. Keys are large and soft to the touch WEIGHT: 83 g DIMENSIONS: 20,5 x 4,5 x 2,0 cm BATTERIES: 2 x 1,5V – AAA (not...

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Replacement remote control UCT-040 Universal for LG TV


Replacement remote control UCT-040 Universal for LG TV

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Replacement remote control for LG TV

LG AKB72914004
LG AKB72914009
LG AKB72914012
LG AKB72914030
LG AKB72914046
LG AKB72914047
LG AKB72914202
LG AKB72914206
LG AKB72914208
LG AKB72914209
LG AKB72914274
LG AKB72915202
LG AKB72915207
LG AKB72915217
LG AKB72915244
LG AKB72915246
LG AKB73275605
LG AKB73275606
LG AKB73275613
LG AKB73275651
LG AKB73615303
LG AKB73755415
LG 19LD350
LG 19LE330
LG 19LE3300
LG 19LE3308
LG 19LE3310
LG 19LV250
LG 19LV2500
LG 22LD350
LG 22LD355
LG 22LE330
LG 22LE3300
LG 22LE3308
LG 22LE3310
LG 22LE3320
LG 22LE550
LG 22LE5500
LG 22LE5510
LG 22LK330
LG 22LK335
LG 22LK336
LG 22LT640
LG 22LV250
LG 22LV2500
LG 22LV255
LG 26LD325
LG 26LD350
LG 26LE330
LG 26LE3300
LG 26LE3308
LG 26LE550
LG 26LE5500
LG 26LE5510
LG 26LH200
LG 26LH2000
LG 26LH250
LG 26LK330
LG 26LK335
LG 26LT640
LG 26LV250
LG 26LV2500
LG 26LV255
LG 32LD325
LG 32LD350
LG 32LD351
LG 32LD358
LG 32LD359
LG 32LD420
LG 32LD428
LG 32LD450
LG 32LD458
LG 32LD465
LG 32LD540
LG 32LD541
LG 32LD550
LG 32LD551
LG 32LD555
LG 32LD570
LG 32LD575
LG 32LD650
LG 32LD651
LG 32LD750
LG 32LD751
LG 32LE330
LG 32LE3300
LG 32LE3308
LG 32LE330N
LG 32LE4500
LG 32LE4800
LG 32LE4900
LG 32LE5300
LG 32LE5308
LG 32LE531
LG 32LE5450
LG 32LE5500
LG 32LE5800
LG 32LE5810
LG 32LE7500
LG 32LE7510
LG 32LE7800
LG 32LE7900
LG 32LE7910
LG 32LH200
LG 32LH2000
LG 32LH250
LG 32LK330
LG 32LK336
LG 32LK430
LG 32LK450
LG 32LK451
LG 32LK455
LG 32LK456
LG 32LK530
LG 32LT640
LG 32LV250
LG 32LV2500
LG 32LV340
LG 32LV3400
LG 32LV370
LG 32LV3700
LG 32LV375
LG 32LV470
LG 32LV530
LG 32LV5300
LG 32LV5380
LG 32SL8000
LG 37LD420
LG 37LD450
LG 37LD465
LG 37LD650
LG 37LE4500
LG 37LE4800
LG 37LE4900
LG 37LE5300
LG 37LE5308
LG 37LE531
LG 37LE5500
LG 37LE5800
LG 37LE5810
LG 37LE7500
LG 37LE7510
LG 37LE7800
LG 37LE7900
LG 37LE7910
LG 37LH200
LG 37LH2000
LG 37LK430
LG 37LK450
LG 37LT640
LG 37LV370
LG 37LV375
LG 37LV470
LG 37LV5300
LG 37SL8000
LG 42LD420
LG 42LD450
LG 42LD458
LG 42LD460
LG 42LD461
LG 42LD465
LG 42LD540
LG 42LD541
LG 42LD550
LG 42LD555
LG 42LD570
LG 42LD575
LG 42LD650
LG 42LD651
LG 42LD750
LG 42LD751
LG 42LE4500
LG 42LE4600
LG 42LE4800
LG 42LE4900
LG 42LE530
LG 42LE5300
LG 42LE5308
LG 42LE531
LG 42LE5310
LG 42LE5500
LG 42LE5800
LG 42LE5810
LG 42LE7500
LG 42LE7510
LG 42LE7800
LG 42LE7900
LG 42LE8500
LG 42LE850N
LG 42LE8800
LG 42LK430
LG 42LK450
LG 42LK451
LG 42LK455
LG 42LK455C
LG 42LK530
LG 42LT640
LG 42LV340
LG 42LV370
LG 42LV470
LG 42LV530
LG 42LV5300
LG 42LV5380
LG 42PJ150
LG 42PJ250
LG 42PJ350
LG 42PJ550
LG 42PJ650
LG 42SL8000
LG 42SL8500
LG 42SL9000
LG 42SL9500
LG 46LD550
LG 47LD420
LG 47LD428
LG 47LD450
LG 47LD460
LG 47LD461
LG 47LD650
LG 47LD651
LG 47LD750
LG 47LD751
LG 47LE4600
LG 47LE5300
LG 47LE5308
LG 47LE530C
LG 47LE530N
LG 47LE5310
LG 47LE5500
LG 47LE5800
LG 47LE5810
LG 47LE7500
LG 47LE7510
LG 47LE7800
LG 47LE7900
LG 47LE7910
LG 47LE8500
LG 47LE850N
LG 47LE8800
LG 47LK530
LG 47LT640
LG 47LV370
LG 47LV370S
LG 47LV375
LG 47LV470
LG 47SL8000
LG 47SL8500
LG 47SL9000
LG 47SL9500
LG 50PJ250
LG 50PJ350
LG 50PJ550
LG 50PJ650
LG 50PK250
LG 50PK350
LG 50PK550
LG 50PK750
LG 52LD550
LG 55LD650
LG 55LD651
LG 55LE4600
LG 55LE5300
LG 55LE530C
LG 55LE5310
LG 55LE5500
LG 55LE5800
LG 55LE7500
LG 55LE7510
LG 55LE7800
LG 55LE7900
LG 55LE7910
LG 55LE8500
LG 55LE850N
LG 55LE8800
LG 55LV5300
LG 55SL8500
LG 60LD550
LG 60PK550
LG M1950D
LG M2250D
LG M2280D
LG M2350D
LG M2450D
LG M2780D
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