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Reference: 727515

Brand: Re-Flix

Universal remote control suitable for all Telefunken TVs built after 2000

The universal remote control for Telefunken TVs TYPE: Universal remote control for all Telefunken TVs produced after the year 2000. Includes all the functions, both standard and advanced, plus all the keys of the original remote control. Keys are large and soft to the touch WEIGHT: 83 g DIMENSIONS: 20,5 x 4,5 x 2,0 cm BATTERIES: 2 x 1,5V – AAA (not...

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Universal remote control UCT-036 for Thomson TV


Universal remote control UCT-036 for Thomson TV

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This remote control replaces your original remote control 1: 1 with all functions and is a very inexpensive alternative. Suitable i.a. for the following models:

Thomson 04TCLTEL0221
Thomson 04TCLTEL0230
Thomson 19HW4323
Thomson 19HR3234
Thomson 22HS4246
Thomson 24FU5253CW
Thomson 24FW4323
Thomson 24FW4325
Thomson 24HA4243
Thomson 26HR3234
Thomson 26HR5234
Thomson 26HS2246C
Thomson 26HS4246CW
Thomson 28HW4323
Thomson 28HW4323W
Thomson 32FR5234
Thomson 32FU5253
Thomson 32HA3203
Thomson 32FZ5233
Thomson 32HB3103
Thomson 32HE8234
Thomson 32HR3234
Thomson 32HS2244
Thomson 32HS2246C
Thomson 32HS3246C
Thomson 32HS4246C
Thomson 32HS4246CW
Thomson 32HU3253
Thomson 32HW5523
Thomson 32HZ4233
Thomson 32HZ5233
Thomson 32ME8234B
Thomson 39FU6663
Thomson 40FA3103W
Thomson 40FE9234
Thomson 40FB3103
Thomson 40FS3246C
Thomson 40FT2253
Thomson 40FW3253
Thomson 40FW5553
Thomson 40FW5553W
Thomson 40FW5555
Thomson 40FW6765
Thomson 46FE9234B
Thomson 46FW5563
Thomson 46FW5563W
Thomson 46FW5565
Thomson 50FU6663
Thomson 50FW5563W
Thomson 50FW5565
Thomson 65UA6606
Thomson 55FW8785
Thomson F40B3813
Thomson FH110830
Thomson RC1994925
Thomson RC310

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