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Reference: 727515

Brand: Re-Flix

Universal remote control suitable for all Telefunken TVs built after 2000

The universal remote control for Telefunken TVs TYPE: Universal remote control for all Telefunken TVs produced after the year 2000. Includes all the functions, both standard and advanced, plus all the keys of the original remote control. Keys are large and soft to the touch WEIGHT: 83 g DIMENSIONS: 20,5 x 4,5 x 2,0 cm BATTERIES: 2 x 1,5V – AAA (not...

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Replacement remote control UCT-042 for Sony TV


Replacement remote control UCT-042 for Sony TV

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This remote control replaces your original remote control 1:1 with all functions and is a very inexpensive alternative.

Suitable for the following models, among others:

RM-ED011W RM-ED020 RM-ED022 RM-ED029 RM-ED032 RM-ED034 RM-ED035 RM-ED036 RM-ED038 RM-ED041 RM-ED045 RM-ED046 RM-ED047 RM-ED060 RM-ED062 RM-GA019 RMF-ED001 KD-49X8505B KD-49XE7077 KD-55XE7077 KD-65X8505B KDL-19L4000 KDL-19L4000U KDL-22BX20 KDL-22BX20D KDL-22BX20DU KDL-22CX32 KDL-22CX32D KDL-22EX302 KDL-22EX310 KDL-22EX320 KDL-22EX325 KDL-24EX320 KDL-24EX325 KDL-26BX320 KDL-26E4000 KDL-26E4020 KDL-26E4030 KDL-26E4050 KDL-26EX301 KDL-26EX302 KDL-26EX320 KDL-26EX325 KDL-26L4000 KDL-26V4000 KDL-26V4500 KDL-32BX300 KDL-32BX320 KDL-32BX321 KDL-32BX400 KDL-32BX420 KDL-32CX520 KDL-32CX521 KDL-32CX523 KDL-32CX525 KDL-32E4000 KDL-32E4020 KDL-32E4030 KDL-32E4050 KDL-32EX301 KDL-32EX302 KDL-32EX310 KDL-32EX320 KDL-32EX40 KDL-32EX401 KDL-32EX402 KDL-32EX403 KDL-32EX40B KDL-32EX421 KDL-32EX423 KDL-32EX425 KDL-32EX427 KDL-32EX43 KDL-32EX520 KDL-32EX521 KDL-32EX523 KDL-32EX524 KDL-32EX525 KDL-32EX527 KDL-32EX600 KDL-32EX720 KDL-32EX721 KDL-32EX723 KDL-32EX724 KDL-32EX725 KDL-32EX726 KDL-32EX727 KDL-32EX728 KDL-32EX729 KDL-32HX750 KDL-32HX755 KDL-32HX757 KDL-32L4000 KDL-32NX500 KDL-32R400A KDL-32R400C KDL-32R403C KDL-32R405C KDL-32R410B KDL-32R413B KDL-32R415 KDL-32R415B KDL-32R420B KDL-32R423B KDL-32R424B KDL-32R425B KDL-32R427B KDL-32R428B KDL-32R430B KDL-32R433B KDL-32R435B KDL-32R500C KDL-32R503C KDL-32R505C KDL-32V4500 KDL-32V4710 KDL-32V4720 KDL-32V4730 KDL-32V5800 KDL-32V5810 KDL-32W4000 KDL-32W4210 KDL-32W4220 KDL-32W4230 KDL-32W5800 KDL-32W5810 KDL-32W5820 KDL-32W5830 KDL-32W5840 KDL-37BX420 KDL-37EX401 KDL-37EX401E KDL-37EX402 KDL-37EX403 KDL-37EX500 KDL-37EX500E KDL-37EX503 KDL-37EX504 KDL-37EX521 KDL-37EX524 KDL-37EX525 KDL-37EX720 KDL-37EX723 KDL-37EX725 KDL-37V4710 KDL-37V5800 KDL-37V5810 KDL-37W5800 KDL-37W5810 KDL-37W5820 KDL-37W5830 KDL-37W5840 KDL-40BX320 KDL-40BX400 KDL-40BX420 KDL-40CX520 KDL-40CX521 KDL-40CX523 KDL-40CX525 KDL-40E4000 KDL-40E4020 KDL-40E4030 KDL-40E4050 KDL-40EX1 KDL-40EX40 KDL-40EX401 KDL-40EX402 KDL-40EX403 KDL-40EX40B KDL-40EX43 KDL-40EX500 KDL-40EX520 KDL-40EX521 KDL-40EX523 KDL-40EX524 KDL-40EX525 KDL-40EX527 KDL-40EX600 KDL-40EX620 KDL-40EX621 KDL-40EX710 KDL-40EX720 KDL-40EX721 KDL-40EX723 KDL-40EX724 KDL-40EX725 KDL-40EX726 KDL-40EX727 KDL-40EX728 KDL-40EX729 KDL-40HX720 KDL-40HX723 KDL-40HX725 KDL-40HX75 KDL-40HX750 KDL-40HX755 KDL-40HX75G KDL-40HX800 KDL-40HX803 KDL-40HX805 KDL-40HX850 KDL-40L4000 KDL-40NX500 KDL-40NX720 KDL-40NX723 KDL-40NX725 KDL-40NX727 KDL-40R450A KDL-40R450B KDL-40R450C KDL-40R453B KDL-40R453C KDL-40R455B KDL-40R455C KDL-40R470B KDL-40R473B KDL-40R475B KDL-40R477B KDL-40R478B KDL-40R480B KDL-40R483B KDL-40R485B KDL-40S4000 KDL-40S4010 KDL-40U4000 KDL-40V4000 KDL-40V4210 KDL-40V4220 KDL-40V4230 KDL-40V5800 KDL-40V5810 KDL-40W4000 KDL-40W4210 KDL-40W4220 KDL-40W4230 KDL-40W4500 KDL-40W4710 KDL-40W4720 KDL-40W4730 KDL-40W5800 KDL-40W5810 KDL-40W5820 KDL-40W5830 KDL-40W5840 KDL-40Z4100 KDL-40ZX1 KDL-42CX520 KDL-42EX310 KDL-42EX410 KDL-42W705B KDL-42W815B KDL-42W817B KDL-46CX520 KDL-46CX525 KDL-46EX1 KDL-46EX401 KDL-46EX402 KDL-46EX500 KDL-46EX501 KDL-46EX520 KDL-46EX521 KDL-46EX524 KDL-46EX525 KDL-46EX527 KDL-46EX620 KDL-46EX621 KDL-46EX710 KDL-46EX720 KDL-46EX721 KDL-46EX723 KDL-46EX724 KDL-46EX725 KDL-46EX726 KDL-46EX727 KDL-46EX728 KDL-46EX729 KDL-46HX720 KDL-46HX723 KDL-46HX725 KDL-46HX729 KDL-46HX750 KDL-46HX755 KDL-46HX756 KDL-46HX800 KDL-46HX803 KDL-46HX805 KDL-46HX820 KDL-46HX823 KDL-46HX825 KDL-46HX850 KDL-46HX855 KDL-46HX900 KDL-46HX903 KDL-46HX905 KDL-46HX920 KDL-46HX923 KDL-46HX925 KDL-46NX720 KDL-46NX723 KDL-46NX725 KDL-46NX727 KDL-46V4000 KDL-46V4210 KDL-46V5800 KDL-46V5810 KDL-46W4000 KDL-46W4210 KDL-46W4220 KDL-46W4230 KDL-46W4500 KDL-46W4710 KDL-46W4720 KDL-46W4730 KDL-46W5800 KDL-46W5810 KDL-46W5820 KDL-46W5830 KDL-46W5840 KDL-48R470B KDL-48R473B KDL-48R475B KDL-48R480B KDL-48R483B KDL-48R485B KDL-48W605B KDL-50W815B KDL-50W829B KDL-52EX1 KDL-52EX700 KDL-52EX703 KDL-52EX705 KDL-52HX900 KDL-52HX903 KDL-52HX905 KDL-52V4000 KDL-52V5800 KDL-52V5810 KDL-52W5800 KDL-55EX500 KDL-55EX501 KDL-55EX503 KDL-55EX505 KDL-55EX620 KDL-55EX621 KDL-55EX710 KDL-55EX720 KDL-55EX721 KDL-55EX723 KDL-55EX725 KDL-55EX727 KDL-55HX729 KDL-55HX75 KDL-55HX750 KDL-55HX753 KDL-55HX755 KDL-55HX75G KDL-55HX820 KDL-55HX823 KDL-55HX825 KDL-55HX827 KDL-55HX850 KDL-55HX855 KDL-55HX920 KDL-55HX923 KDL-55HX925 KDL-55NX720 KDL-55NX723 KDL-55NX725 KDL-55W805B KDL-55W828B KDL-55W829B KDL-60EX700 KDL-60EX703 KDL-60EX705 KDL-60NX720 KDL-60NX723 KDL-60NX725 KDL-60W855B KDL-65HX920 KDL-65HX923 KDL-65HX925 KLV-22EX300 KLV-26BX300 KLV-26BX301 KLV-26EX300 KLV-26NX400 KLV-28R412B KLV-32BX300 KLV-32BX301 KLV-32EX300 KLV-32EX400 KLV-32EX500 KLV-32NX400 KLV-32NX500 KLV-32R412B KLV-32R422B KLV-32R426B KLV-32R482B KLV-40BX400 KLV-40EX400 KLV-40EX500 KLV-40NX500 KLV-40R472B KLV-40R482B KLV-46EX400 KLV-46EX500 KLV-48R472B KLV-55EX500

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